Corporate Services

Ms Tsepiso Motaung | Director: Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Department is responsible for providing effective and efficient high standard administration and support.

This is achieved by maintaining good corporate image of the institution and create fertile ground for the municipality to be able to deliver in its administrative duties.

The core functions of the department are as follows and sub directorate/ units:


  1. Human Resources Management
  2. Occupational Health & Safety
  3. Employee Wellness & Wellness Programmes
  4. HR Policy Development


Administration Unit

  1. Informational Technology
    The IT Unit is responsible for network infrastructure (LAN/WAN, Radio and wireless), hardware, software/application and web development within the municipality.The unit itself as a whole plays a vital role in ensuring the municipality remains productive and efficient at all times.This can include performing essential duties like: 

    1. ICT Governance
      Define ICT procedures, standards and policies in the municipality. This include municipal and ICT Project Management, Application and Infrastructure Management, Risk Management and Strategic Policy
    2. Technical Support
      Provides a support function to all the other departments in order to help the Municipality meet its strategic objectives.
    3. Municipal Website
      Ensure that municipality have website and it is constantly maintained.
    4. ICT Infrastructure
      Ensure that municipal systems are available all the time
  2. Records Management
  3. Fleet Management
  4. Cleaning Services

All the sub-directorate are led by respective Managers who oversee the day to day running of these units.