Economic Development & Planning

Ms Zempilo Khuluse | Acting Director: Economic Development & Planning

The goal of the Directorate of Development Planning and Local Economic Development is to provide strategic direction to the municipality with regards to development issues and to ensure that the municipality’s vision and strategies are achieved in the fields of development planning and transport planning and operations.


  1. To  promote the growth and development of the Agricultural sectors
  2. To strengthen support for emerging  livestock farmers and crop producers
  3. Promote the development of agri-business and optimum use of available agri- processing opportunities
  4. Improve  the training and capacity building for agricultural and agri- processing development
  5. To promote tourism sector growth and expansion
  6. To support provincial initiatives in order to increase local and international tourists
  7. To promote the development of tourism facilities and other associated facilities so as to increase interest among potential tourists
  8. To  promote SMMEs development in Ndwedwe and its surrounding localities
  9. To contribute to the development and commercialization of forestry sector by assisting surrounding local communities of Ndwedwe with information on afforestation programme
  10. To promote growth of manufacturing in Ndwedwe
  11. To review Ndwedwe LED Strategy yearly
  12. To invest in agricultural skills and other skills associated with SMME & cooperative development such as manufacturing, processing, art craft etc.


Local economic development (LED) Unit

  • Sub unit within the EDP department
  • Core function is to promote LED within Locality
  • Creating an enabling environment for business
  • Promoting tourism within jurisdiction of locality

Services offered to the community by the LED unit

  • Co-operative registration and support
  • Processing of business licence applications