Portfolio Committee

Portfolio Committees core function is to run the affairs of Ndwedwe Local Municipality efficiently, a system of committees was established in terms of the Municipal Structures Act, to attend to the daily business of the municipality.

Governance and Corporate Services Portfolio Committee

The objective of the Governance and Corporate Services Portfolio Committee is to assist the Executive Committee by advising the Executive Committee on:-

  1. The leasing, letting, hiring and alienation of the goods and intellectual property of the municipality in accordance with a system which is fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective.
  2. Implementing and maintaining an effective and efficient information technology system, catering for all the needs of the municipality.
  3. Obtaining proper legal services for the municipality.
  4. Providing adequate, effective and efficient secretarial, agenda and minuting services to the municipal council and its committees.
  5. Acquisition and provision of adequate municipal office and related accomodation.
  6. Implementation and maintenance of an approved records system.
  7. Carrying out certain ancillary functions.
  8. Providing adequate, effective and efficient Human Resources and Management service and;
  9. That the values and principles set out in Section 195 of the Constitution are promoted throughout the municipal administration.