Young Maidens’ Programme

Operation Siyaya

Dated: August Annually

UmkhosiWomhlanga_001-Maidens at the annual reed dance

The aim of this programme is to mobilise the virgin maidens and prepare for the big reed dance that annually takes place in Nongoma. The programme aims at creating the awareness of the reed dance and for the maidens and families to prepare for the departing which usually takes place in September.

Umkhosi Womhlanga Reed Dance

Dated: September Annually

UmkhosiWomhlanga_002-Umkhosi woMhlanga reed dance

The program is in the form of celebrating culture also it plays critical role in addressing Social Ills that exists in our communities especially amongst young women. Last year young maidens picked up reeds and handed them to the Royal house in queues per district after that attended Career Exhibition by various departments under the KZN Sukuma Sakhe Program.

Sanitary Towels Distribution in Schools Launch

Dated: May

The main aim of this programme is to supply the underprivileged female students with sanitary towels. There have been numerous incidents where it is reported by different schools in Ndwedwe that female pupils regularly miss school when it is their menstrual cycle.

The main reason that was established is that these learners choose to rather stay absent is because they do not have sanitary towels to keep themselves hygienic during this time. The affect of this problem has a potential to escalate to a bigger problem. Therefore, to curb this, the municipality decided to have a sanitary towels distribution programme. 

Women’s Day Commemoration Programme

Dated: August Annually

The aim of this programme is to pay homage to the women of Ndwedwe and also encourage them to continue being courageous woman that marched to the union buildings in 1956 to fight for their rights. National Women’s day draws attention to significant issues South African women still face, such as parenting, domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace, and schooling for all girls which still a problem in Ndwedwe as the rest of the country. Hence on this day, there is also a major focus on women development talks and initiatives.