Youth Programmes


Drivers license January The aim for the drivers’ license program code full package is to assist the disadvantage youth of Ndwedwe with metric by equipping them with one of the crucial prerequisite when one enters the job market.
Job readiness The aim is to prepare young people on how to compile Curriculum Vitae, Business Plan and Business Proposal and  to assist the youth who is  unemployed by given them the tools to find work out there.
Life skills   The aim is to encourage healthy life style among young people and on how to conductor themselves.
Film and video training The aim is to give young people of Ndwedwe the opportunity to learn, gain experience in the film and video field, and also to train them on how to write and break down the script from tag line, choreography and editing.
Youth Carpentry The aim of this program is to equip the youth with the necessary carpentry skills that will enable them to be employable or have the necessary skills to create their own businesses with the skills acquired
Youth in construction The aim is to provide a service to youth of Ndwedwe that is looking of opportunities and quality combined a working relationship that you will not find anywhere else
Young women in visual
arts and craft work
The aim is to provide the activities to young women by creating of visual and craft work that will assist them to start their own business and to have something that can change their lives.
Right to learner January The aim is to assist and promoting young people access to further education and training, show casing youth empowerment initiative and career choices.
Career guidance February The aim is to facilitate the youth who is  unemployed by given them the tools to find work out there and assisting  them on how to compile Curriculum Vitae, Business Plan and Business Proposal
Talent search February The aim Is to reach out youth which has interest in music and create platform and show case Youth Talent and be able to assist local artist with promotion to other District and other Province. .
Teenage pregnancy March The aim is too engaged with learners from different schools of Ndwedwe on issues relating to Teenage pregnancy, and promotes healthy life style.
Crime Awareness
& Substance and Drugs
Abuse Campaign
May The aim is promote healthy individuals, families and communities free of alcohol, drug abuse problems and other associated risks, and empower communities to adopt healthy behaviors’ that prevent substance abuse and its associated risks e.g. HIV/AIDS  to reduce substance abuse in targeted populations.
Youth Indaba June The aim is to unlocking of economic activity for young people through Supply chain Management in the project where is headed by Technical Department, Economic Development and Planning and ensure that LED give a support where young people have no capacity to run their project.
Beauty Pageant June The  aim is to create an event to convince the traditional medias, promote community service  and to encourage positive qualities in young participants to recognize the importance of social movement connected to plus size of women.
Youth development
July The fair is further aim at bringing various governmental non governmental entities to the youth of Ndwedwe. The fair also aims to develop the youth that is already in business to have sustainable enterprises by disseminating information and also to promote entrepreneurial activity among young people by advising them on how to start small business.
Presidency Youth Expo: 
Special program
08 August 2017 
The aim is showcasing youth empowerment initiatives and career choices including relevant post-schooling training opportunity and also promoting young people’s access to encouraging healthy lifestyle among young people with reference to responsibility around the use and abuse of substance and HIV prevention.
Youth Heritage September  The aim is to promote youth to bring hope and teach them the vitality of being a South African youth at this time and declare the bravely way that would ensure that  the understanding of principles of South Africa reflect in the freedom chapter.
Exam Prayer October The aim is to destroy all the evil spirits that can distract concentration of young people on their exam and give them courage to focus during exam time.
Music Seminar
and Ndwedwe Music Festival
December The aim is to be making different in young people lives in the area of Ndwedwe by bringing those inspiring event in most fun, entertaining way and also educating them using art tools to train them in their music career.