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As part of their religious practices, the Nazareth Baptist Church visits the Holy mountain of Nhlangakazi to congregate at the mountain for the whole month of January.

Nhlangakazi is located here in Ndwedwe, 30km from iNanda where two homestead or villages of the two most known branches are found, i.e Ekuphakameni which is currently led by Inkosi Vukile Shembe and Ebuhleni which is led by Inkosi Mduduzi Shembe.

It estimated to draw about 2million pilgrims who cover who cover approximately 58km walking barefoot.

Johnny Makhathini


Johnny MakhathiniBorn in Ndwedwe on the 8th of January. Johnny who attended Adams college where he was trained to be a teacher. He then joined politics and devoted his time to organising the people as an activist of the ANC.

He became the youth organiser in and around Durban and rural natal. His political activism resulted in his detention by the police several times. He was also deeply involved in spreading the message of freedom internationally and advocated the anti-aparthied movement.

To honour him, the municipality built a civic centre which the community has access to.


  • Kwaloshe Indigenous Forest
  • Ndikimba Rock
  • Nsuze Cave